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The world's only cartoon band, performing over 100 cartoon theme songs live and original cartoony music too. Insanely talented professional musicians in costumes having fun.
by Jam October 18, 2008
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SimplyJAM Productions. South Florida based promotion company and booking agency for local bands.
SimplyJAM runs the best mutherfuckingshows around.
by Jam February 11, 2004
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4 girls who ride around in the ska mobile and know every word to every ska song, who can go front row to every concert and belt every line and have it mean something. They breathe ska.
I see the ska mobile, that damn ska brigade.
by Jam December 01, 2004
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A branch of the rich kids that broke off because they saw through the bullshit. They often mock the Rich kids by singing La.x
The loser kids sing, "and then go
do my shoes match my shirt?
does my shirt clash with my pants?
do my pants match my eyes?
do my eyes look good tonight?
will this place be cool enough?
your hair looks oh, so tough
this looks so good for us
tonight my money's gonna buy me love"
by Jam December 01, 2004
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Coyote found in NYC's Central Park on April Fools Day in 1999; he now resides in the Queens' Zoo.

(this entry was written in October of 2004)
"The trickiest New Yorker coyote on record was a 43-pound male named Luck Pierre who in 1999 led reporters, police officers, photographers, park rangers, tourists, and at least one helicopter pilot in a chase across Central Park" -- NY Times, City Section, Sunday October 3, 2004.
by Jam October 07, 2004
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messed up, stupid, wierd, confused, pretty much anything!!!
what jank?!!
Now that's janked!
by Jam July 01, 2003
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