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A very clever girl in harry potter films and books.
she also has muggle parents witch were asolted in the first film.
by Jam December 04, 2003
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messed up, stupid, wierd, confused, pretty much anything!!!
what jank?!!
Now that's janked!
by Jam July 01, 2003
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the holy spirit,... that energized feeling you get about Jesus!!!
I got the JC Juice and I'm Jc juicified!!!
by Jam July 01, 2003
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A state of being fucked up passed "Mega Baked". So baked that you are near retarded!
Freddy is so fucking ripped that he's at Vista.
by Jam May 16, 2004
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Ben: I've got a spare ticket for Glastonbury for you.
Jem: Yayiss!
by Jam January 01, 2004
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An over priced old rock that gets you laid until the effect wears off. Bigger is better.
My girlfriend wouldn't have anal sex with me until I gave her a diamond ring.
by Jam June 23, 2003
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A person being so completely stoned out of their mind from only a few hits of Mary J. Thus causing them to lose control of their normal functions and begin a state of constatnt shaking.
Hey - its Shakey Jake!
by Jam May 16, 2004
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