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Stands for Money Or Nothing Goes On.

Originates from Mongo member of UK hiphop group Mud Family.
A Mongo Situation
by Jam December 12, 2003
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Sweet sauce similar to bar-b-que sauce typically served with fried chicken wings at chinese take out joints in da'hood.
While speaking through a little hole in bullet proof glass at the all night chinese joint, "Yo I want six wings fried extra hard with mumbo sauce".
by Jam November 22, 2003
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The world's only cartoon band, performing over 100 cartoon theme songs live and original cartoony music too. Insanely talented professional musicians in costumes having fun.
by Jam October 18, 2008
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Suicidal, depressive, self-harming, anti-social, attention seeking beings.

4 out of 5 have suicidal visions, carve messages into their skin (can you say infection), bookmark rotten.com and ogrish.com websites, take prozac, and second look anyone who walks past them - they want to see if you are looking at them due to being attention seekers.

Usually unhealth in apperance (usually fat or skinny), pale skinned, walk like zombies and wear more makeup than britney spears at the mtv music awards.
Attention seekers
by Jam November 18, 2004
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