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Silence, when you ask someone a question and they don't give a response.
I asked Sharon why she was late for work, all I got was crickets, ugh!
by Peavette January 26, 2015
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A game of skill and gentlemanly conduct where everyone hates the Australians equally.
Not those Aussie cunts again!
by Michael Atherton August 25, 2003
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-to make a joke that no one laughs at.
-after someone says a lame joke, it's as if you can hear the "crickets" because no one laughed.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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When you text/call someone and they don't respond. They are giving you "crickets"
I text him last night but he gave me crickets...
by houstonsocialbutterfly July 09, 2009
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A game that Indians are very, very serious about.
So they had a strip of ground about twelve feet wide and forty long - one wicket was a trash can, the other was a chair. Jivaji gets the ball and wings it at the wicket, blowing the trash can to tiny little bits.

Cricket: a serious game.

by Chester Bogus November 21, 2007
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occur when you call or text someone and they never text you back.

From the cricket noise *chirp chirp* which you can only hear in a quiet room.
I tried to call that guy that I hooked up with and all I got was crickets.
by LMac311 October 21, 2008
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