that tv is all old and doesn't work right, it's janked.

that girl is a nasty whore, she's janked.
by LooP February 20, 2004
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To have something stolen, with a painful outcome. (Jacked/spanked)
Yo' that ho janked yo man.
by Falalala March 11, 2004
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The Southern (GA) word meaning insult or just talkin about somebody.
Yo lame ass wanna fight when I jank on you.
by Ricky Rivers September 15, 2003
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adj- broken; unnecessarily redundant, superfluous, or meaningless; stupid or ridiculously moronic; bootleg or of questionable quality
Fuck! This CD player I bought off Ebay is jank.

While we were in china we went through this market and bought all these movies for $3. They're so jank, you can see the heads of the people in front of the camera at the theater moving at the bottom of the screen.

My parents made me call home to check in with them every hour.. it was so jank.
by Jargel April 15, 2003
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an activity involving the degrading things or people
by Netti Byrd January 26, 2003
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