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One of my favourite places in the entire world. If your coming to the south Coast of England dont even bother visiting anywhere else. Vibrant city, quality restaurants and pubs, great clubs, one of the few places I dont feel paranoid walking about, like I'm about to get my head smashed in by some huge arrogant Lairy Stella drinking lad, as they all steer clear believing it to be 'full of fuckin queers innit'.

The reality is, whilst there is a high proportion of gays, (who incidently I have noticed never cause trouble, never brawl, never shout in the street and never litter) the place is actually crawling with local student beauties from the 3 major universities, and ladies from all round the country who come to escape the narrow-minded overtly hetrosexual, cultureless, burberry ridden, chav infested laddish shit holes like neighbouring portsmouth, bognor regis, southampton and (further away) Essex and shop at the millions of different boutiques and shops, very many of which are set up by the resident gay community.

The only criticism is that the average cost of going out in the city of Brighton now rivals the cost of a night out in London. Although one night out in Brighton will make all future nights in London seem like a bit of a stitch up.
"OMG, I've never seen so many fit women in my entire life? Where are we? Are we in Heaven? Oh no, we're in Brighton.'

'We went for a slap up meal, drank some quality wine at this architechtually spectacular winebar, spotted hundreds of fitties on the way out, went to an amazing club, we could've only gone to one place.'

'Quick everyone: go to Brighton. It's one of the few places that isnt completely infested with chavvy twats.'
by hubert b December 22, 2005
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Brighton is, without a doubt, the greatest place on earth. No where in the world can rival it. Not only are there plenty of gays, the beach is cool, the pier is cool, there are loads of amazing shops: names like Hollister, Urban Outfitters, New Look, and Jane Norman as well as thousands of boutique shops. Loads of restaurants and pubs to choose from as well. Brighton centre hold loads of amazing concerts and other things as well sometimes such as an ice rink or craft fairs. Next door is the Odeon cinema with an attaching Ben and Jerry's ice cream bar and Costa Coffee and above is Oceana. Speaking of Oceana, there are also some music venues in Brighton including: Concorde 2, Audio, Coalition, Honey Club etc....all amazing places. And last but not least - Brighton, without a doubt - has given birth to the most amazing music in the world especially Hold Fire. And other local bands. There is no better music than Brighton's music.
If Brighton was a person, I'd marry it!


I always go to gigs in Brighton, the best music is there
by Cricko September 12, 2011
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A Neighborhood in Boston conjoined with Allston made up of manly young professionals, college kids, Jewish, Irish construction workers, and Latino people.

Brighton is home to WGBH, New Balance, St.Elizabeth's Hospital, a dozen Irish pubs (many Irish run), millions of buses and sirens, and dozens of restaurants.

Its your middleweights of Boston neighborhoods....not too dangerous, multcultured, hard-workng, drinking, and decent houses for sale. It also borders Allston (college kid central), Newton a really nice suburb (although people drive slower than in Brighton), and Brookline (Best Jewish delis and good shopping).
Drunken Red Sox Fan#1: Any good Irish pubs in Brighton?

Drunken Red Sox Fan#2: Yeah, the Green Briar

Drunken Red Sox Fan#1: Any Good?

Drunken Red Sox Fan#2: Best Guiness pour outside of Southie
by B4life February 14, 2013
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A town on the south coast of England that has recently been given city status. It is very popular with homosexuals. People from outside Brighton often believe everyone in or from Bighton is Gay or Lesbian. Usually this assumption is correct.
Hi, meet my friend Julian. He's from Brighton and he's gay.
by Davey Boy March 04, 2005
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Brighton is a girl that is absolutely gorgeous. She has an amazing personality and has a heart bigger then the world. She is a sweetheart and is the type of girl that every man wishes he had.
Brighton is my dream girl.
Lucky to have an amazing girl like Brighton.
Brighton is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
Brighton is the perfect girl for me.
by kennyg32 January 18, 2011
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A really sexy chick. Extremely hot and tons of fun. Usually rated as a level 10. A Brighton usually stays on your mind. And most likely very sarcastic.
Dang that Brighton is a milf
by AshleyThugnasty November 01, 2009
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A suburban town right outside of the City of Rochester. They have a top-ranking highschool. They care more about academics than sports. Thats why you never see them in the newspaper for winning any sectional title. The people their are mainly upper middle class. They have a large Jewish population. Their Highschool has an urban-suburban program for scary ghetto black and hispanic kids to come and roughen up a mainly white and asian school. It is the inner city kids from that program who smoke weed, start fights, and commit crimes. They are the ones responsible for giving brighton any kind of bad rep.
Brighton is generally a safe town.
OH MY GOD ELLIE! Did you see Roshawndaluh and Jamel stealing cigarettes from CVS!?

Dude! I just got this new beamer! Come with me to go to the library and study for the midterms!

Nicole Goldberg went to go see a football game for brighton high school againstRush Henrietta. She fought about the price of the game, which was a whopping 5$. She then watched the Barons lose. So she got in her brand-new SUV and drove home to study for an upcoming test, next year.
by Brighton Baron February 22, 2011
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