A major war that happened in 1914 over Serbia and Austria-Hungary. allow me to explain, Serbia wants to expand, and turns to Austria-Hungary, and assassinated Arch Duke (the king of Austria's nephew) in Bosnia, which lead to Austria declaring war on Serbia, because Russia was allies with Serbia, they declared war on Austria-Hungary, and since Germany was allied to Austria-Hungary, they declared war on Russia. Since France was gonna declare war on Germany for Invading Russia for invading Austria for invading Serbia... Germany did it first. which now causes WW1. Further into the war we have British joining the allied powers (Serbia, Russia, and France.) Because Germany invaded Belgium to get into France. then the Ottomans help the Central Powers (Austria and Germany) for Crimea. and soon after Bulgaria joins in for a chance to regain their lands lost from the 2nd Balkan War. Soon we have Italy switching sides. we have more and more countries join in until Germany made a horrible mistake. Since USA)was gaining power rapidly. they asked Mexico to help invade the USA to stop them. But it was intercepted by the British and sent to the USA. which lead to USA declaring war on the Central Powers and ending the war once and for all. US troops arrive in Europe and destroy the Central Powers, Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans surrendered and now Germany is surrounded on all sides. they had no choice, but to surrender too, leading to the Treaty of Versailles. Ending the war
Person 1: hey ever heard of WW1?
Person 2: you mean that stupid war that started with Serbia and Austria?
Person 1: yep
by Spacewolf9 October 28, 2022
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Austria invades Serbia because some dude died and then Russia declares war on Austria because Russia likes Serbia then Germany comes in to invade Belgium to invade France... because they can. And then the Japanese, Australian, and other countries join in to beat up Germany cuz they like the Allies and then the Ottoman Empire joins in, loses a bunch of battles and then kill over a million Armenians in a fit of rage. And then the western front reachs a stand-still.... and then Germany starts using poison gas and so does Britian and then when the US looks like it will join Germany tries to get Mexico to invade them but the US finds out and declares war against Germany and eventually the German, Austrian, and Ottoman Empires collapse and the world is peaceful..... for about 21 years.
WW1 was a bit of a mess
by Inni84 July 15, 2023
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Someone who is really interesting in the Great War.
"I got a friend who talks a lot about what happened during 1914-1918, he sure is a WW1 enthusiast.
by smigglyhook September 15, 2022
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it's like ww1 the man on the moon
by job lob mob October 5, 2018
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