Originally derived from the two words: "crazy drunk".

Severe intoxication or getting drunk; a very fun or enjoyable time; also used to describe something cool, hip, or fashionable;
Yo, I'm on my 8th shot... this party is krunk!
Last night was krunk...
Homegirl's outfit is krunk!
by Anonymous June 9, 2003
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A swear word first used in 1994 on the late night talk show LATE NITE WITH CONAN O'BRIEN/NBC/1993+ According to its creator, Conan O'Brien, Krunk was "America's newest swear word...so new that the networks don't know whether to censor it or not!"
Phrases like "What the krunk do you want" and "It's none of your krunking business!" were exchanged by both guests and host of the show.
by Jason Owen June 9, 2003
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A derivative of mixing chronic and alcohol... chronic + drunk = krunk (doesn't work to spell it chrunk). Although often used by the urban population, I've found that its definition is very subjective, with a few differing meanings often used; as noted elsewhere in the Urban Dictionary, "crazy drunk" = crunk.
by Camramaan August 24, 2005
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To be completely "messed up" by consumption of alcohol in conjunction with recreational drug(s).

Not to be confused with crunk, which is to be crazy drunk.
"Man, I got Krunk as hell last night!"
by Josh A. (aka Nigel) June 2, 2006
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no definititive definition exists for this word. It is basically a word used by people who haven't enough of a grasp of the English language to think of a better word when needing a descriptive word. A fading fad word, similar to the use of the word, "word".
"Damn, baby, you is...krunk!"
"Your team ain't as krunk as ours."
by chech-five-oh April 30, 2005
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crazy + drunk
used to issue an extreamly drunk person
now is used for DRUNK + HIGH
yo man, i got some weed, i got some liquor, in a couple o mins, im gona be krunk quicker
by cyberphunkisms March 5, 2006
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