103 definition by JT

rolftth is short form of roll on floor till tummy hurts
a boy say i like u to a girl then the girl say rolftth are u wierd i never like u
by JT January 09, 2005

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North Dakota slang for beatch
That courtney love is one crazy beoyatch.
by jt February 22, 2004

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Wonderfully spontaneous, or Enormously wonderful (according to my ex-girlfriend)
We had a wondermous night together.
by JT December 19, 2003

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1. A politically correct form of government tax.

2. A device located at a statistically safe location, but where the 85th percentile road speed is more than the legally posted speed limit.

3. A device that is used to automate a portion of busy police officers' work. So they have more time to eat doughnuts.
"If we put up another tax, the people will have a fit"
"That's OK, just put up another speed camera"
by jt July 13, 2003

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abriviation for Imaginary PMS
"dude she is being a bitch today, is she raggin"
"No she's got IPMS"
by JT February 22, 2005

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A whore (cum Dumpster) who can fly (a superhero, see megaplegic def. #1) Has the uncanny ability to break free from their megaplegiality and soar higher than all the paraplegic whores in the known universe
Nicky B, Mista JT, Big Al C, Bixy
by JT November 08, 2004

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A terrorist with no remorse
"fybr called my house at 4am last night for phone sex.." "again??"
by jt May 24, 2004

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