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think their all cool and hip. they think their soo good looking while their just all a bunch of lil kids roamimg around the streets doing nothing.
i'm AA i run around and try to stab people s o i can be cool!
by JT December 6, 2004
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damn baby, I could really go for some chop chop right about now.
by JT March 15, 2004
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A man who spends all hit money on a woman and gets nothing out of it.
I hate that trick-ass bitch always savin a hoe.
by JT February 24, 2005
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Yet another internet typo slang word. This one is for the word "sup", a shorter version of the popular greeting of "What's up?"
"Su, fool"
by JT May 4, 2003
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Second/Third Generation Camaro or Firebird adorned with window louvers, whip antennas, mag wheels, air shocks, decals and other similar accessories... Driven in rural areas by men/women and usually heard while playing Van Halen, Molly Hatchet, Ratt, Poison, Foreigner and other similar bands from thier Delco radios.
Dig the mullet mobile.. Mullet mobiles rule!
by JT November 22, 2002
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GD is Gangsta Disciple, shortened from Black Gangsta Disciple, the Chicago based organization that has reached far deep in the south, east coast and out west. It is the realest of the real , because of our loyalty to structure in the organization, i say organization because gang belittles the nation..GDN...6^
GD.."all is one but all is not well"
by JT September 2, 2004
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A leet was to say Voyeur - The act of spying on your gran when shes rubbing her clit in the shower.
calum baird watched jan as she masterbated ferociously
by JT November 18, 2004
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