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think their all cool and hip. they think their soo good looking while their just all a bunch of lil kids roamimg around the streets doing nothing.
i'm AA i run around and try to stab people s o i can be cool!
by JT December 06, 2004
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A suggested invite to be followed on a whim.
The meeting will be by mandatation only.
by JT June 30, 2004
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Short for Master Chief Petty Officer. The Master Chief Petty Officer is the ninth, and highest, enlisted rank in the U.S. Navy, just above Senior Chief Petty Officer, and is a non-commissioned officer. They are referred to as Master Chief in most circumstances.

Advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer is similar to that of Chief Petty Officer and Senior Chief Petty Officer. It carries requirements of time in service, superior evaluation scores, specialty examinations, and peer review. A Senior Chief Petty Officer can only advance if the existing master chiefs approve.

A Master Chief Petty Officer is purely administrative and is usually tied closely with the Commanding Officer, except possibly when the command is very large (e.g. an aircraft carrier). Their uniform reflects this administrative duty; becoming similar to that of an officer, albeit with different insignia than an officer.
The master chief came down here and busted those guys asses for being drunk on board ship.
by JT October 17, 2004
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A family restaurant that parents loudly complain that their food is fattening, unhealthy and oppose when a McDonalds is due to open directly opposite their children's school.

Yet regularly hold birthday parties there- for children.
"A McDonalds is opening opposite the so-and-so school"

"Oh my God! That's where my child goes! Well, at least we don't have to travel far when it's their birtday".
by JT July 13, 2003
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A superhero who is paralyzed from the neck up; they must be confined to an ab-rocker
JT The Megaplegic whore
by JT November 08, 2004
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A whore (cum Dumpster) who can fly (a superhero, see megaplegic def. #1) Has the uncanny ability to break free from their megaplegiality and soar higher than all the paraplegic whores in the known universe
Nicky B, Mista JT, Big Al C, Bixy
by JT November 08, 2004
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