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A symbol/metaphor for the intricate body, or even idea at times, that performs the duty of organized conventional and unconventional violence for a cause, ideology, etc.
- Yo, Tyrone, why you going into da military, mang??!?

- Mang!! We gotta keep the War Machine going against the islmamic extremists that seek to kill us Americans, daawg!

- Oh, i see, . thats good. Mang
by Easter E March 06, 2009
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A tabletop steampunk game that requires models, dice, a ruler, and some other shit. While it might be cheaper than warhammer, model per model it can be much more expensive. Its best feature are angry Russian robots (also known as Warjacks) that can kick ass out of other non-angry Russian robots. Unless the dice gods hate you, which means you're fucked.

Also, if you add a medium sized warmachine model and a sock together, you have a potential weapon.
Person1: Hey look, Person 3 is playing warmachine!
person 2: Herp derp, the nerd...

*soon after Person 2 is in the hospital due to head injuries cause by a pewter model and a sock.
by Person #3 March 03, 2012
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A big dick also called the warmachine. A handle for Don Cheadles massive cock.
Girl one: Ooo girl whats in your mans pants??
Don cheadles girl: Thats the Warmachine. His massive bbc. He'll take any hoe on a ride like tony stark.
Girl one: oooo girl, I wish my mans had a cock like that.
by Father XiX August 05, 2018
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The girl that you see that could easily be mistaken as a large man. Standing easily a foot over most people around her, and having facial hair is a bonus.War machines have more mass than a high school defensive linemen.
I was going from lunch back to 4th hour when I saw the war machine triumphantly charging into the hallway.
-OR for you non-students-
I was hanging out at Wal Mart when I saw a beast of a war machine heading down the weight gain/facial hair hygiene isle.
by Ben - aka McLovin January 16, 2008
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A marvel character who is extremely badass and sidekick to Iron man in fact I would say considered stronger
by Johnny Delgado October 22, 2015
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"nigga i had to go to court today and get my child support, cause i couldnt resist dwight's war machine"

"What's the next best thing to Chuck norris's roundhouse? A war machine nigga"
by Asiansensation6576464 May 06, 2008
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