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Usually used to describe aftermarket part added to cars. If used properly, makes a very nice deep growl. Used improperly yields a very shitty sound, like on crappy rice rockets because they think it adds 25 hp. Also see fart pipe aka fart can.
by MoonKnight November 26, 2002
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A dirty female genitilia, someone who just looks like they have been around. They quite often are like burst open bacon sandwiches with porrige running out of them.
Cameron : " Dibs on that girl over there, she is fuckin slammin"

Mark : " No problem, bet she's got a right dirty exhaust"

Cameron : " Yeah, im gonna put my hooligan right in her exhast."
by Dirty Handbag August 24, 2009
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What a typical pussy beta bitch support gets in league of legends instead of the Alpha male big dick ignite using supports
Used to make a 20/0 zed player feel like hes 0/20.

*goes in, Gets instantly exhausted* (dies) *proceeds to flame, gets banned* commits.

Exhaust = free ebola
by Yeetus the feetus Deletus November 08, 2018
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