(Archaic definition) A sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unusual or unexplained.
‘He opened the door on a whim, expecting nothing, but instead, he was faced with four sets of eyes.’
‘She did it on a whim when the opportunity presented itself, and she died four days later.’
‘Apparently on a whim, Wonka suddenly decides to reopen his doors to five children.’
by Ciahcra January 12, 2018
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a type of slang used in london ghettos for a blowjob also known as goin down on tha peepee.
Chaps gave me a whim the other night. it was quite scrumptious.
by dat dolla bill boy May 13, 2010
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Commonly used on internet forums/bulletins to ask a user to send a private message.
Hey Jim, your mother is hot, can you whim me her number please?
by Famin3 March 13, 2008
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1. Getting a sudden urge to do something jovial and maybe slightly mischievous.
2. To find something whimsical or to itch the scratch only the chaos of the universe can satisfy.
I got the whims earlier after I saw this dope mural of a dog sprinting full speed and ended up racing go karts for 2 hours.

Yea.. insert name has a really bad case of the whims, our last 4 movie nights were picked from random movie generator.
by geoghoul April 6, 2023
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Not a person, but a phenomenon. A whim is a public schoolboy with bleached hair. He doesn't follow orthodox slang trails. He chooses to forge his own. Such as spafe, westlife, and uber vince-head.
The Whim drives a 1.1 litre peugeot 106, and has a unique dance technique known only as "The Whim-Bop". Nicknames of The Whim, include the ridiculous: Peter, Whimothy and Whim-Bob.
The Whim is currently the only human to be signposted, and even has a supermarket named after him (in Newquay).
"Who's that sweet legend vincing, uberfast on the dance floor?"
"That'll be The Whim"
by The Waz August 19, 2004
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A word that does NOT exist.
Grandma" why do you always have to do things on a whim?"

Me "wtf is a 'whim' that cant be a real word."
by Mkay Bud August 24, 2017
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