A method of post coital clean up involving a towel soaked in cold water.

See also: Pan American and Baghdad Maid
She was nice enough to get me a south american after I came all over myself... Too bad her hot water is out.
by Bog-man July 30, 2016
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(1) Of, or related to people born and raised to being like a South American or in South America.

(2) Being really good at something that most people consider "impossible" or flat out insane. Ex: Playing girls, playing soccer, doing crazy ass shit but not hurting themselves like other jackasses, and all the good stuff.

(3) Very good quality, or comical quality

Example 1: I'm South American because I was born and raised there and my friends South American because his heritage is South American and therefore he was raised like a typical South American would be culturally raised.

Example 2: Ryan: Damn did you see Ronaldinho do that fucking crazy trick then pass it to Messi on Barcelona? Nacho: Yeah man their fucking south american!!!
Also, Ryan: Dude I just did a 720 back flip and landed it!!! Nacho: Thats fucking south american man. Also, Boo: That chicks fucking easy man Ryan: Duh dude, because your south american!!!!

Example 3: Ryan: Dude, sonic is fucking south american Nacho: So is this chocolate dude.
by Ryan and Nacho June 5, 2008
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The art of filling a plastic cup with one's own fecal matter, urine, and semen whilst sprinkling pubic hair atop the mixture and placing it in the freezer. The frozen block is then cut out of the plastic cup and inserted into the rectum. The fluid that melts out of the anus is then collected and served to guests.
"Hey Thomas! Let's make some South American Cocktails for the Football Game!"
by laupai12 March 6, 2009
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A South-American man who walks around having anal sex with every person he sees.
Did you see The South American Sodomizer in the newspaper?

Yeah! I sure wouldn't want him to sodomize me!
by MatandLia February 19, 2011
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When a man twists you dick into another shade of red
Man that was the best South American Sunburn I've every had !
by Edgy2002 February 17, 2017
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Slang for the maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus). natively found in south america.

can be shortened to long boi.
Max: how was your date with Jess yesterday?
Tom: it was great, we went to the zoo and saw her favorite animal,the South American long boi
by Sargent Steel January 8, 2020
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A South American Beaver Chaser is a lesbian (of a South American country, as the name implies) that attempts to gain U.S. Citizenship by marrying a lesbian partner.
That Columbian sure is a South American Beaver Chaser!
by slippy & farrett June 9, 2017
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