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A female or gay male who refuses to put out. A cock tease.
She's hot, but I hear she's a CT.
by SpiderMark March 22, 2003
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In San Francisco the term "CT" stands for Chinatown. A new term has emerged for "CT" meaning "Chinese gang" or "Chinese gangster". The term "CT" in San Francisco, CA is primarily used by young Asian and Asian-American teens attending the public schools.
"Yo son let's meet up at ct."
"A bunch of CT's jumped the Nortenos."
by crazyemily009 August 14, 2008
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CT, short for Counter-Terrorist, are the pussies in counterstrike who never come and disarm the fucking bomb when you storm past them and plant it.
"These CT's are pussies, they camp at the spawn and expect us to come to them when we could just plant the bomb!"
by Seph May 12, 2004
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The vastly growing gang in San Francisco. They are very cocky and start rival with everyone. Most of them are young and in jail. This gang has 'Followers'.
1. Nigga im reppin CT nigga cant fuck with me.

2. THe other day CT came up to me and threatened me with a gat.
by chinatown1234 August 01, 2008
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