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Former Disney star now a pornstar and a slut
I’m Miley Cyrus but ur not thicc

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A man lays on his back while his partner sits on his cock. Then his partner moves up and down on the cock in a squatting movement
I’m going for a cock ride tomorrow

U homosexual

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A holiday where some muslims came to the USA to commit suicide ruining it by flying their drunk asses into some buildings near the capital city
Where were you during 9-11? On the planes...

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What every 12 year old gamer
Wants. There’s usually no other way of obtaining them
Mom I need diamonds!

No son you’ll just blow it

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Basically Anal Sex
I can suck dick through my buttcheeks!

Good for you...

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How to bypass the filters in games with chats by using the letter e with a ` on top of it
Do you wanna have ***?


Girl: no...

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When someone’s ass weights 50 pounds per asscheek
Damn mama you thicc as fricc!

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