A word to use to traumatize the Good Omens fandom, reminding them of the leak of June 12th/13th 2023, a month before the anticipated Season 2 was set to be released.

This happened to a poor (probably underpaid) intern at Amazon Prime US for splicing up clips of gay or queer couples for a Pride Video, released the 9th of June.

After people noticed the 0.2 second clip included, the co-author and executive producer, Neil Gaiman, was described on Twitter to be:

“Neil’s fucking furious”

No hate to Prime UK, they are doing great

It was dubbed as EVERY as that was the text that was under the clip. The word doesn’t even need to be capitalized to induce fear or uncertainty to fans. It also shows a prime example why not to go on Tumblr during these trying times. Believe me.
Ever since the 12th, the Good Omens fandom has been relentless.

Why? What happened?




EVERYday, it’s a getting closer~

*June 13th flashbacks*
by AxKunIsHitchinARide July 21, 2023
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by October 3, 2020
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A Caucasian man typically wearing a short sleeved shirt and shorts. More specifically, wearing a polo shirt, khaki or navy blue shorts just above the knee, a brown woven belt, and boat shoes with no socks.
He’s kinda cute but that every has no edge whatsoever.
by King Veneer July 11, 2018
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To love more than anyone ever thought was possible. The sky is no longer the limit; there is none.
Every could only describe my feelings for you.
by MGoscinski June 26, 2010
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Every me and every you is a fanfic where spencer Reid and y/n get into bdsm. You can find this fanfiction on Wattpad.
Have you read every me and every you yet?
by Peachygubler August 7, 2020
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The most overused redundancy. Every already means single. It would be wrong to say, "every single person" and not mean only persons that are not married.
I exercise every single day.
by aynaku September 22, 2019
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