The application/program you are currently using to go to the websites including this page.
You are using a browser.
Internet Explorer is a browser.
Browser is the only way to get access to the web.
by siff ess bee July 31, 2017
One of the main classes of intelligent lifeforms on the internet. A program that acts as a digital embodiement of a user within the net so that he/she can navigate it from the real world.
The way a browser looks is determined by the user's mental image of himself/herself.
by Jay C March 30, 2003
A word used for a freind or relative who is always on the make or lookout for the next big thing.
Whats up my browser haven't seen you round lately
by Izzy and Mike May 26, 2006
I was window browsering all day but I didn't buy a thing.
by aussieCliff April 11, 2009
Guy: Hey I defeated Browser in (insert random Mario game)
Other guy: Are you dumb? It's Bowser, not browser.
by The king of the Doritos June 22, 2020
When you are searching for the right word on the top of your tongue.
"Earlier Taylor Swift was a browser when she was playing Words With Friends."
by Greeny $wish January 17, 2019
An individual who cruises Urban Dictionary, browsing various words or authors and liking or disliking (usually disliking) words, either because they didn’t think of them themselves or because they were added by a particular author. They have appointed themselves as critics of the people who try to increase the content and scope of Urban Dictionary, without making any sort of contribution themselves. These people are drones; each of them nothing more than a self-absorbed waste of space as, for the same effort, they could vote on the inclusion or exclusion of new words and help keep Urban Dictionary functioning efficiently.
“Is there anything more useless than a drone browser?”
“Yes, a spite monkey drone browser.”
by AKACroatalin August 10, 2016