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The currency in the gay game Fortnite that actually could mean:
Vagina Bucks
Virgin Bucks
Vegan Bucks
Veal Bucks
My friend is a virgin because he bought some v-bucks

U homosexual

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There are multiple ways to moon people
Stand, naked, use your fingers to spread your butt as wide as it will go before you tear the skin
Stand, lean over a chair naked with your asshole facing the person you’re mooning
If you’re a girl, sit on a chair, spreading your vagina as wide as it will go Facing towards your target.
If you’re a girl, stand naked and squeeze the base of your boobs hard
If you’re a guy stand naked and have the tip of your dick facing the ceiling
If you’re a guy stand naked squeezing your balls with one hand and squeezing your ass with another
Sit or stand, with your index and middle spread out and place your tongue in the middle, where the webbing starts
Like the last method, but adding the ring and weak finger, spreading your ring and weak fingers from your middle and index finger and placing your tongue where the webbing starts between the four fingers
I love mooning

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An entitled lady, usually a baby boomer, the most used name in r/entitledparents
Stfu karen

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A restaurant that hires thicc women
I love hooters so I got up and fucked the woman at the register for 80% off my meal

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When you live in a box but can’t protect your money because you’re “on a budget”.
Ugh... cheap shit Stephen...

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When the erection gets into your balls
Dammit I got balls of steel!

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