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When a dick is less than half a inch long
Hey I heard anthony has a microphallus. Wanna murder him tomorrow? HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

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your mom is dead, pale, ugly, fat, and unamusing.
Yo moms a ghost, Brad!
Brad: Fuck!!! I hate you!!

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An airline that has virgins on it
Have you been on Virgin Airlines?

No i lost my virginity

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A holiday where some bitches made and signed a document for banning slaves and prostitutes
Hi I like July 4th

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Something you need to see your penis with.
Stfu Manny I’m getting you a microscope

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Means Holy Shit and What the Fuck in one word.
Susie drops a plate and it breaks her damn leg.

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A burnt nugget and a nigger combined
“Really nigget?”

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