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1) Someone who creates/views/shares so many memes they may momentarily forget they've already seen a certain meme and post it again before realizing the mistake.

2) Someone who creates/views/shares so many memes it defies understanding; how does this person possibly have enough time to do anything, even basic life tasks in a day like sleeping or bathing.
1) Kevin sent me about 20 memes in an hour, and 2 of them were the same. He's either a hypermemiac or that dude has dementia!

2) **insert name here** posts a new meme, on average, every 3 minutes around the clock, seven days a week. Only a hypermemiac + adderall could keep such a crushing pace!
by ImperialFleet1 March 24, 2020
Donald J. Trump. 45th President of the United States. Dubbed as such for his glaringly obvious spray tan that gives him an orange hue with the right lighting.
Did you see the orange god's speech last night? He was nearly glowing on the stage!
by ImperialFleet1 January 11, 2017
Icicles attached to a manly beard. They may even swing to and fro depending upon the size of the beardcicle, the length of the beard hair, wind velocity, and level of activity.

Oftentimes formed from a combination of perspiration, condensation of exhaled breath, and sleet/snow, and extremely low ambient temperatures and/or high wind. Beardcicles may require physical exertion to acquire such as, but not limited to: snowshoeing, chopping firewood, running, cross country skiing, et cetera.
After chopping and stacking three cords of Oak firewood during the 5°F snowstorm, Octavius decided to go snowshoeing during which his beardcicles swung together clinking like empty beer mugs as he moved.
by ImperialFleet1 February 16, 2015
FAGATY 1 . adjective: unrestricted faux over-sensitivity; overbearing; manipulative; indifferent. Purposefully Machiavellian and Orwellian in nature.

2. acronym:
When big tech companies censor someone or some organization for stating a fact or opinion they disagree with, they are acting super FAGATY.
by ImperialFleet1 January 22, 2021
A behind-on-mortgage-payments homeowner that tries to sell their own home without a real estate agent (For Sale By Owner). This is a desperate stall tactic, often the last one possible, to delay foreclosure while the homeowner finds a new place to live (parents, friends, apartment, rental housing, etc). Often the house is abandoned the same day the "For Sale By Owner" sign is placed in the yard. Observers may also notice the homeowners taking objects that would typically be left behind if they actually intended on honestly selling the home, to include fences; sink fixtures; cabinetry; exterior lighting fixtures; counter tops; and et cetera.

It becomes clear to observers that the homeowners are in no way serious about selling the home, but it is obviously a stall tactic to pilfer and move as much value out of the home before they jingle mail the mortgage company. Another clear sign is that the asking price set for the house is insane, priced unreasonably high so as to not even attract potential buyers.
Husband: Look at the Joneses... that is the 3rd sink fixture I've seen them put on the moving truck today, plus they took down the fence and left the fence posts!! I went to "ABC-fsbo.com" as listed on the sign they put in the front yard this morning and they're asking 20% more than what they paid for the place at the top of the housing bubble!! They're never going to sell in this real estate market.

Wife: Yep! This has Foreclosure By Owner written all over it.
by ImperialFleet1 May 24, 2011
Due to a high level of motivation and repeat successes you are selected by your superiors to do more work than your peers because you do your job and good at it. This frequently entails extra hours, multitasking, et cetera. The punishment is that you get to watch the underperformer, who is not doing their job, get rewarded via time off, free time, leave work on time and so on. This is common in the military, other government jobs, or large corporations where, due to bureaucracy, it is difficult to get rid of a bad employee.
Sean isn't a workaholic or a brown nose. Since his coworker Steve does nothing all day long, Sean's performance punishment is that he always has to stay late and take on extra projects to make up for Steve.
by ImperialFleet1 February 16, 2015
Welfare from the U.S. government. Of course it is not actually free as it is a debt thrust upon society, but the typical uneducated person receiving it has no care where the money came from and only knows it is free money from Uncle Sugar.
Damn yo, I just got $1,700 in the mail from Uncle Sugar's Magic Checkbook!!
by ImperialFleet1 August 29, 2009