water that evaporates in the clouds and then condenses.
when water from the ocean is taken into the clouds, which is called condensation.
by lovecutie May 31, 2009
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exciting; turbulent
wow this conversation is condensational!

"how was your day"
"very condensational, you?"
by Corentheuss February 20, 2008
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The eggplant hummus has the same condensity as KFC’s mash potatoes with gravy!
by YoYoYach May 16, 2019
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The form of conversation which takes place with a dense person.
Oh God! I just had the dumbest condensation with Jen
by Smejie April 11, 2010
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the rate at which something condenses.
yo dude, the condensity of the water on that cold glass was so high, it condensed like a mother bill y'all.
by salko January 28, 2010
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when condensed steam drips from a surface
i just got condensated on by the top of my styrofoam chinese box.
by james Peterso December 29, 2009
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