“did you hear Kevin passed away? he yeeted himself”
“that’s awful, suicide is such an epidemic
“go yeet yourself!”
by icyberalex January 29, 2020
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When you want to tell somebody to kill themselves but stay Family-Friendly.
See Kill Yourself
A: I like Roblox
B: Yeet yourself.
by YeetYeetYeetYeetYeetYeet August 03, 2019
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Means: Don't throw yourself off a bridge!


Don't commit suicide. <---
"Don't yeet yourself! You're worth way more than you think!"
by Muffler man May 13, 2019
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When you a simpin nigga cause you missing yo ex... so you wanna die but in a cool way
You ever wanna YEET yourself off a bridge??
by Ars3n August 19, 2019
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Have You Ever Wanted just to YEET yourself out of a window. Well April 15 will be the day you get to do!
"Hey man lets yeet our self out the window?" "Yeah is that today" National Yeet yourself out the window day go out thr window
by Lolboi771 April 14, 2019
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To commit suicide, but without any of the drama or emotional baggage behind it.
Person a: I tried to yeet myself?

Person b: Oh for real?

Person 1: I attempted to commit suicide.
Person 2: I’m so happy you didn’t you’re so perfect. The world world be so dark without your vibrant sprit. You’re so important and perfect, promise me you will never try again.

Person 1,a) I had to write “don’t yeet yourself” to approve the submission, urban dictionary doesn’t understand aspects.
Person 1,b) man that really makes me want to yeet myself.
by Count Cumula January 02, 2022
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