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Term to describe an amount of crack cocaine. It gets the name because the shape of it because it looks like a small rock.
"Crack rock motherfucka!"

"That bitch will do anything for a crack rock."
by IceWarm November 14, 2004
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To insert and remove a penis and/or any other object from a female vagina repeatedly in a fairy quick fashion over and over as if being "stabbed" with a knife or other sharp object multiple tines in rapid succession.
"Stab me with your cock!"

"She wanted me to stab her so I stuffed my dick up her pussy and quickly removed it and kept doing so until I busted a fat nut up in her cunt and made her pregnant."
by IceWarm February 05, 2006
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To keep quite on something. Has the exact same meaning and is just another way of saying down low.
"You better keep it on the hush about that shit."
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
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Ebonics version of "you are" In the Ebonics version "Is" replaces "Are" making it "You Iz" or Uz for short.
"Uz a ho!"
by IceWarm March 30, 2004
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What you do when your girlfriend gets out of line. Basically giving her a pimp slap when she acts up.
"My girl started mouthing off to me so I had to whoop that trick."
by IceWarm July 10, 2008
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An internet emoticon usually used to show confusion.
Person 1 "Dude that new virus totally fucks up your NTFS, re-writes the registry and copies itself into the system root!

Person 2 :\
by IceWarm July 01, 2004
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A person who is into emulation of some form and begs people for the ROMs needed to play games on an emulator. They are usually too stupid and/or too lazy to search for the ROMs themselves and result to begging other people for them. They are incredibly annoying and usually piss people off in the process of begging.
"That idiot is such a ROM beggar!"

"ROM beggars suck!"
by IceWarm March 09, 2004
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