As said above a great gun company that exceeds in excellence. What was forgot was there model Mini-14, the .223 semi-automatic rifle that was modeled after the M-14 .308 caliber rifle. They also made the Mini-14 type rifle chambered in 7.62x39 called the Mini-Thirty. The Mini-14 can also just be called a Mini in casual conversation if the second party knows of what your speaking.
Hey dude, lets go shoot my Mini-14.
by Andrew Kastning July 8, 2005
A gun company in the United States made popular for it's line of rimfire pistols. The Ruger Mark I in .22lr, Rugers original model was patented in 1946 and produced in 1949. It was designed to have an appearance and shape similar to that of the P.08 Luger due to the Lugers grand appearance and good grip angle. One hypothesis is that it was designed to appeal to World War II veterans and fanatics. At the time of its production, it was one of the first rimfire pistols to retain affordability while being exceedingly reliable and very accurate.

Today, the Mark II and Mark III, and the .22/45 versions, which are later versions of the original Mark I are still the staple gun of Ruger. They are known to be very reliable for rimfires, which are usually notoriously unreliable.

Ruger also has a very popular and well made semi-automatic carbine, the 10/22, as well as a wide array of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols geared towards law enforcement and self defense. They also make some shotguns and other rifles.
Some Examples of their products:
Ruger Mk. II and .22/45(.22lr) ~$450
Ruger 10/22 (.22lr) ~ $150
Ruger Single Six (.22lr)
Ruger Redhawk Alaskan (.454 Cassul)
Ruger PC9 (9mm Carbine)
Ruger P89 (9mm)
Ruger P345 (.45ACP)
Ruger GP100 (.357 Magnum)
Ruger SP101 (.357 Magnum)
by GunCat April 24, 2005
video game terminology/etiquette. (Verb) To Ruger, is to remove a friend off of one's friends list to add someone else to the list. It can only be called 'rugering' if one's friends list is full and there is no available space to add a new person. Rugering is business, not personal.
Sony PS3 has a friend list maximum capacity of 100 friends. Once one has filled up their friends list and they want to add another person, they will have to ruger a person to make room for a new person.
by DthB4Dishonr January 13, 2011
Ruger's are smart, funny, and outgoing. They simply are amazing people to be with. You can never get bored talking to a Ruger they are just always finding something to do or say. You can't go wrong with dating a Ruger he/she will always make time for you and value you over everything. At times he might not seem perfect, but he will do anything to make you feel like the luckiest person in the world.
by Dovahkiin5 September 3, 2019
A person who can burn almost every type of food, mainly cookies. This type of people can also order food while asleep or unintentionally.
This is totally burned, you are such a Ruger.
I spaced out and ordered a dinner, i so rugerized.
by Iknowright45 April 18, 2019
Ruger is a very loving a sweet guy. He loves everyone but treats one person differently, that's for the girl he loves. He will protect the shit out of her and will get jealous over little things. Hes caring, sweet, and great in bed.. If you were to date a Ruger, make sure you give him all the love and affection. He will treat you like a QUEEN. If you were to hurt a Ruger, just know that will be the biggest mistake of your life.
by December 30, 2022
a fuxjib ass castle. the biggest shit taco, douche mover, gay asian, ballmonger, door slut, sunday rapist, neo nazi you will ever meet.
-dude what the fuck just hit my car?
-i think you just hit a deer
-no it was a ruger
by kfedandthedragonmaster July 24, 2011