a term to describe somebody who plays kids games even though they are in there late twenties
Person 1: oh what are you playing

Person 2: im playing *insert kids game here*
Person 1: oh so you are an enamel *shoots them 23 times in the chest*
by wxllxxmx March 14, 2020
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adj. The state of being completely and totally intoxicated to the point where reality becomes an illusion.
Rob: "Is there gonna be enough alcohol there to get me enameled?"
by Lomonte95 July 8, 2006
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a huge turd, so long it touches the toilet bowl before being 'crimped off' by the ass muscles- also known as a 'crowd pleaser' , a yam, U571 or a Trent Otter
I did a massive shit last night, a real Enamel Banger
by Mr Cunninglinguist May 14, 2010
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'Enamel Bucket' is a term used to describe the condition that a womans vagina gets into after it has been fucked too many times. Enamel Buckets are common amongst Prossers and Villiage Bicylcles. Enamel Buckets are unpleasant to fuck because little contact can usually be established between the cock and the bucket.
'Jesus.. she had a right Enamel Bucket'

'I bet she's got an Enamel Bucket'

'Go fuck Shiraz's Enamel Bucket'
by The Big Dawg July 23, 2006
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Enamel Crossing is when two people making out touch teeth.
Yeah, me and my girl were at the crib playing some Enamel Crossing
by EnamelCrosser December 4, 2019
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the juice of itch a disgusting usually homless crack addict dumbs her undueched twat syrup on a pile of stones as if she was marking her territory
oh gross shes spreading her flippy enamel camel cunt juice on bobs rocks
by hepititus c April 4, 2016
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when a camel with an enormous bush squirts in your mouth and erodes away the enamel from your teeth.
the other day, a camel gave me a camel enamel cunt fluff pie. i then had to go get the enamel on my teeth fixed.
by jdibanez02 March 28, 2007
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