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A very violent act in which a person's mouth is open and placed on a curb of a road, sidewalk or any other raised surface slightly off of the ground. The person perpetrating the act then stomps on the back of the head of the victim causing massive injuries to the victim’s head and mouth.
"Don't fuck with him man. The last guy who fucked with him got a curbie!"
by IceWarm June 17, 2004

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To keep quite on something. To not tell people about something. To not divulge information to people that should not know about something. Keeping certain information limited to a certain group or between two people.
"Keep this shit on the down low for now."
by IceWarm June 21, 2004

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When teens for one reason or another think they have it hard. They often bitch and whine about stupid piddley ass shit and say they will kill themselves over the same piddley ass bullshit.
"I had to take out the garbage tonight...I'm going to kill myself."

"Mommy made me wash the dishes so I'm going to kill myself."

"I had to do homework tonight...I have it so hard."
by IceWarm July 24, 2004

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An erect penis. Called "candy" because bitches like to suck on it as if it were candy.
"Suck on this hard candy bitch!"
by IceWarm December 24, 2004

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