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An undesirable place to be or live. A place with poor living conditions. Has the same meaning as shithole.
"Ever since he lost his job he has been living in a real pisshole."
by IceWarm December 05, 2004
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In group sex when you ejaculate in a girl's mouth or pussy and have her spit the cum into another girl's mouth or have the other girl eat the cum out of the girl's pussy you ejaculated into.
"I busted a fat nut in her mouth and made her swap cum with her friend."
by IceWarm March 15, 2006
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An insult formed by removing the word "jack" from jackass and replacing it with the word "jerk." Basically describes a person who is being a real jerk. Used when you need to get the point across that a person is a jerk where just the word jerk won't cut it.
"Don't be a jerkass."

"You're such a jerkass, this is why nobody likes you."

"Fuck you jerkass!"
by IceWarm January 29, 2006
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To do something correctly. To teach somebody a lesson in the correct manner.
I am gonna bust up that mutherfucker real proper like.
by IceWarm February 18, 2004
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An establishment of some kind where people deal and snort cocaine. This could be a house, an apartment, or a shack to name a few, similar to a crack house.
"Let's all head down to the coke house."

"The cops raided a coke house down the street from me last night."
by IceWarm October 31, 2004
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A group of people who kill somebody based on accusations with no proof. They generally hang the said person from a tree or other structure. Sometimes they will also wrap barbed wire around the victim and then hang him/her.
"That guy got killed by the lynch mob for supposedly scratching the painr one of their cars."

"The lynch mob hung that guy for supposedly fucking one of their sisters even though they had no proof."
by IceWarm November 06, 2004
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Fake gold or something that is a cheap kind of metal like steel or tin that is only plated with gold. Some people will try to pass off items made with this material as being real gold.
Person 1: "Yo man what you need?"

Person 2: "Yo, ah man I need something man. I need a 20 man."

Person 1: "Well what you got man?"

Person 2: "I got this gold chain man."

Person 1: "This shit looks like that gold on a roll shit from the swap meet!"

Person 2: "It's real man."

Person 1: "This shit ain't real. You'd better get the fuck out of here and come back with some money."

Person 2: "Come on man, be cool man."

Opening Dialogue From The Song "Dopeman" By N.W.A.
by IceWarm October 18, 2004
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