A album & song by Lostpropets, the album contains the songs:

We Still Kill The Old Way
To Hell We Ride
Last Train Home
Make A Move
Burn, Burn
I Don't Know
Hello Again
Goodbye Tonight
Start Something
A Million Miles
Last Summer
We Are Godzilla - You Are Japan

Very good album, made in 2004.
Hey, have you heard start something?
by bloodbanx.com January 26, 2005
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The album was produced by Eric Valentine. He has also produced albums by Queens of the Stone Age and Good Charlotte.

MTV reports that the band chose the name for two reasons. Firstly, the band wanted to "motivate people to motivate people". "We spent the last three years touring and meeting loads of people who were like, 'I'd love to do this and that,' but they never had the drive to get up off their asses and do it," explained singer Ian Watkins. "Start something. Start anything."
The second is that the band recorded the album in a studio over ten months with a much bigger budget. lostprophets first album thefakesoundofprogress was recorded in a week and was originally intended as a demo.

As at the end of February 2004, Start Something has reached a peak of 33 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the US, and #4 in the UK. It has made the heavy metal charts in Australia as well as the album charts. Five singles were taken from this album: "Last Train Home", "Burn Burn", "Wake Up (Make a Move)", "Last Summer" and "Goodbye Tonight". The first four made the top 20 in the UK, with the first even making the top 10. "Burn Burn" has also made the Australian top 50 singles charts. "I Don't Know" was also released for radio airplay in the USA.

Track listing:
1. "We Still Kill the Old Way" – 4:20
2. "To Hell We Ride" – 3:40
3. "Last Train Home" – 4:35
4. "Make a Move" – 3:56
5. "Burn Burn" – 3:36
6. "I Don't Know" – 3:57
7. "Hello Again" – 4:56
8. "Goodbye Tonight" – 3:54
9. "Start Something" – 3:26
10."A Million Miles" – 4:32
11."Last Summer" – 4:07
12. "Sway...." – 10:25
On the UK release, track 12 is "We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan" – 4:05, followed by track 13, "Sway....", and on the Japanese release, the tracks "Lucky You" – 5:30 and "Like A Fire" – 5:47, were included as tracks 14 and 15 respectively. "Lucky You" was also included in the "Spiderman 2" movie soundtrack.
Start something is a great album.
by Scarer August 11, 2006
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The misspelling of "Start burning something" by a 6th grade teacher.
He start something burning the candle.

D. start something burning
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I am really looking forward to planning something big.

Or I could just join the army and wait until WW3 breaks out.
I want to start something huge
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