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Modern Warfare 2. Equivalent to sex in a box.
>You want to play some MW2?
>I love it when you talk dirty.
by HungryNoobivore January 28, 2010

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Style of joke often limited to the dads of the world because anyone else would be able to see how embarrassing the punch-line and response will be.
>You know what a wok is don't you?
>(flatly) What dad?
>It's what you throw at a wabbit when you don't have a wifle. Hur hur hur.
>Ugh. Dad joke.
by HungryNoobivore February 03, 2010

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Verbal sugar. Sick way of addressing someone close to you. Can be replaced by "bitsy-pookums".
"Oh, hello snookums!"
"Im a man, dammit!"
by HungryNoobivore January 07, 2010

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Actors name Isaiah Mustafa. Main icon of the Old Spice franchise's ads. The best thing ever to happen to advertising.
old spice guy: Did you know that I'm riding this horse backwards?... HIYAH!!
by HungryNoobivore July 15, 2010

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The kind of fart where toilet paper is necessary to clean up.
>Ha! Nice one
>Ugh. Not really.
>Whoah! Juicy Fart! Run away!
>*squelches to bathroom.
by HungryNoobivore February 03, 2010

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A gamer that figuratively "eats noobs for breakfast". An alternate description for a pro gamer that is not as egotistic.
O.o I don't want to play on that server. It's full of scary Noobivores. Can we go back to playing Viva Pinata plz.
by HungryNoobivore January 03, 2010

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Description of someone manly, specifically someone who ignores or endures discomfort to maintain the appearance of manliness.
The height of macho is jogging home after your own vasectomy.
by HungryNoobivore January 02, 2010

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