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A drug in the form of digitalized happiness and cuteness, side effects include blindness, thanks to the fact that every single color is bright and cheerful, and staring at it for to long can do serious damage to your retinas but also cure depression.
Jeremy: I have depression and perfect eyesight...

Tina: You should try Viva Pinata!

Jeremy 2 weeks later: I have eternal happiness and joy, and singed retinas! YAAAAAAAYYY!!!
by Invisible_Bunny December 07, 2008
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Viva Pinata is a game on the xbox 360 that is alot like all happyness in the world digitalised, and put on a cd, and then rubbing prozacs in your eyes, and has every bright colour known to man inside.
Bernard: Hello, i have depresion!
Harold: you should play viva pinata...


Bernard: i have terminal happyness and joy.... and my retinas are burned!
by Captain willis December 02, 2007
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a game that is underestimated by people all over the world because of it's "e" rating and rainbow colors. it is a fun game and has a lot of objectives in it whether it is getting all of the pinatas or getiing all the achievements. its also fun to watch a friend play it. go buy it.
man 1: lets play viva pinata

man 2: what are you a fag?

man 1: no, just give it a chance

they play it

man 2: wow, that was awesome, i really want a dragonache when i buy it.
by poomaster12345 August 09, 2008
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An Xbox 360 game that although caters to people of all ages, it is a game of dramatically lighter atmosphere than popular shooters like Halo 3, Call of Duty: World at War, and others. This makes it a prime subject of what a worthless noob you have on your team in one of those games should be playing instead.
Hey Irish Joker, why don't you go play Viva Pinata! 4 and 20, and using god damn Martyrdom! (True story; friend of mine who played with someone on his team who had 4 kills and 20 deaths in Hardcore Team Deathmatch (where friendly fire is on and the Martyrdom perk in case you don't know drops a live grenade when you are killed)).
by An Excommunicated Elf April 26, 2009
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