a phrase that internet tough guys like to use when describing the pivotal moment in their (made up) story.
No one talks shit to my face, no one.

One time a guy swung on me at the poker table, big mistake.
I picked him up and slammed him, grabbed his heel and was about to come down with a haymaker Fedor style when he said "Ok I quit".
by internettoughgeyser May 1, 2009
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did you know logan paul, the sore loser's brother jake paul is a big mistake

doesn't everyone know
by rafelkalepand February 8, 2021
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A short youtube series made in gmod.
Have you watched wallace's big mistake yet?
by Jraves September 5, 2022
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Used to describe an easy, ugly, fat chick you took home and slept with after one too many drinks. You will never call her back and pray that a condom was used.
Thanks for letting me crash your pad last night I owe you. I also owe you a new towel... Lil' Big Mistake made me clean up after myself.
by abramm24 March 25, 2009
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The Breakfast of fuck-ups : not for everyone every day but certainly everyone at least once. A breakfast of bad ideas one eats early in the morning then shits throughout the day in a series of missteps and failures like : flat tires, lost car keys, broken friendships, tax audits and fist fights over low-priced household goods or parking spaces. Always to be avoided.
Evan: That's a girl's jacket.

Tucker: Huh ?

Evan: The zipper and buttons. They're on the wrong side. It's a woman's jacket. You're wearing a woman's jacket.

Tucker: ....I got it at a consignment store; I honestly did not know. Will you run me down with your car, please ?

Evan: After I send this picture around I will. You ate a Big Bowl of Mistake-i-oes for Breakfast !
Tucker: Make it look like an accident.
by joedaprogramma November 22, 2020
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