To express feelings of Gratitude, Wickedness, Dopeness, Likeability, Sickness etc..

Must cite Bob Marley's - Kinky Reggae as possible origin of the phrase. An excellent superlative.
"Mate I got u a drink.... Nice one! "....

by E3sko August 26, 2008
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Noun, meaning any pleasant gesture resulting in a favorable outcome. By not being a nice one, it means that the person being talked about is, in fact, not a nice one. Although this is a noun, the context may vary and can be used as a pronoun, adjective, and about every other form you can think of.
'Hey, Todd, can you hand me a nice one?'

'Scott, you are not a nice one.'

'Jarf, I just wanna know why this is such a nice one.'

'Yea, everyone thought about havin sex with her while she was blacked out'
'Nice one.'
by Ska-t April 30, 2007
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modern English way of saying "bye, cool, see ya later", with the general feeling that it has been pleasant to see you
" yeah, right, better be off, see ya Jayce, nice one "
by nik29 August 12, 2006
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Nice One

A very attractive man you could see yourself with.

A drop dead gorgeous guy.
Monesha: Girl I was out last night and saw some nice one's.

Destiny: Ohhhh yeah? Girl I was at a restaurant and saw a nice one myself. I had to go get that number.

Monica: I'm at the mall and mmm a nice one just walked by.
Ravyn: You need to send him my way.
by SteelX May 20, 2010
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Phrase taken from the movie human traffic, used commonly by the ecstacy takers of Newcastle. It is said to a mate in recognition of something cool that was done or said.
by pingin February 10, 2005
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a prase that stupid children in the ages of 7 to 11 say when they have first heard "smooth move exlax"
*guy walks into a pole*
little kid: nice one exlax
by BJL September 06, 2007
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