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A sequel to the popular PC RTS game Starcraft. Is hoped by fans of the series to be released by at most 2010. Rumors have been flying about this game recently on many Starcraft websites and on their online gaming service, Battle.Net.
Starcraft 2 is hoped to be even better than it's precursor.
by Hewitt McGrill August 16, 2004
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Its like the second coming of christ, only it pwns it
by comparison.

The ancients thought it would be like a meteor, well,
they were close.

When it is released all the fans will rejoice, and the
noobs, left in the dust. Because blizz kept the system
we love most and simply, gave us the panormaic view
we so desired, to see a wave of lings coming at you
from eye level, or to see it up close as your noob
parter runs away with his workers after you bs him
for making cannons.

brief back history: the monothiestic believe that to make ammends for creating aids and giving azns access to numeric keys (ex. 4ZN 4 L1F3)god, as it were, gave some stoned nerds at a lil hole in the wall called blizzard a few bucks and they then, created the best game ever. the end
n00b: I am a retard, and have no clue whatsoever about
what is good for me or the world in general my hobbies are masterbating on strip linsay lohan levels and wasting bnets bandwidth, sometimes i use hacks, is
starcraft a good game cause I heard about starcraft 2.

me: go to hell noob
by I pwn lil kids February 17, 2008
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The sequel to the kickass game Starcraft, the most kickass game to date. Expected to come out in the year 2010 but had better come out sooner, or we will pwn Blizzard for it (after they finish the game of course). It's release date could very well be declared a Korean national holiday, given that Starcraft (the original) is highly popular in the country and is considered a sport.
The game, like its predecessor, features the three races: Terran, Zerg, and Protoss fighting for control of the sector.
General gameplay will be very similar to the original Starcraft with the edition of kickass new units and abilities, the sickest looking of which is the Protoss Mothership, which is a giant golden ship containing a protoss city inside. It looks similar to a Gua'uld Mothership from sci-fi series Stargate.
by GodlyCookie October 24, 2008
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a game that has been awaited by many for too many years. it finally has had some more info released about it. IT IS COMING OUT IN 3 PARTS. yes thats right, just like the 3 chapters in our beloved StarCraft.
just like our happy arbiters, we are visualant for StarCraft 2
by /\/ 4 /\/ 3 3 l< October 20, 2008
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A recently announced game by Blizzard entertainment. It is the long awaited sequel to Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War. It features man graphical upgrades and new elements to the game.
Upon hearing that Starcraft 2 was announced, my friend knew how he was going to spend his next five years
by STanasse May 22, 2007
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