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End to teen pregnacy.
(Mary) wanna have sex?

(Mark) no way I'm playing Modern Warfare 2
by Rejecteddddddddd February 03, 2010
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America's new form of military draft. Makes young american males want to join the ground forces because they play too much MW2.
Dumb kid: Yeah im gonna join the army when i grow up cuz i like guns and shooting people in the face on Modern Warfare 2. this one time i got a 10 killstreak and only 30 deaths and i like to use stopping power to make my bullets stronger and i'll always know where the enemies are because i'll have a UAV radar in the top left corner of my screen and if i get shot it'll only hurt for 5 seconds and then i'll recover and i like to rush around corners and this one time i got 2 helicopters and i killed this noob with a grenade and then i spawned behind their hole team and knifed them lololololol and then oh yeah im almost level 70 and then.....
by Keegor Sweet December 12, 2009
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A steaming pile of shit that will result in many controllers being broken and holes punched in walls

11/9/09: "MW2 most antipated game of the year, if not the decade"
11/11/09: "MW2 worst game of the year, if not the decade, if not ever"
Gamer: "Yesss I just finished the campaign of modern warfare 2 on veteran now to try out the multiplayer"

*1 game later*

Gamer: "how does this guy knife me from 10 ft away???"

*1 more game later*

Gamer: "WTF he just knifed me through a wall?!?!?!?!??!?!"

*1 knife later*


*1 more knife*


*next week*

Gamer's mom: "who put this hole in the wall"

Gamer: "Infinity Ward"
by Harruxx ftw :) September 07, 2010
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A demonic mind-controlling device that drives small children to the edge of insanity, makes 20 year olds lose their job or get expelled, and is all around hated by females. It is also used to help fat losers become internet celebrities.

A myth says that if one spends too much time with Modern Warfare 2, they completely lose brain function and gain the power to never eat, sleep, or converse with friends, family and/or partners.
Jeff:"Oh my God dude I just hit a fuckin' triple in Modern Warfare 2"

Mike:"That's great....are you not coming to school anymore or what?"
by shcoome March 01, 2010
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After months of it being out, and the 4-5 pages of Fanboy defs i'll tell you what this game really is; a piece of garbage. The campaign is great and the early first 4 months of online gameplay were alright, but now every self absorbed asshole, noob, and Xbox Live Midget on XBL I guarantee has this in their gaming collection. The online games so are full of noob tubers, kids, and wannabe MLG'ers that you can't turn one corner without being one-hit killed and possibly hearing "OMG NIGGA YOU GOT PWNED" from a kid who probably hasn't even gotten into

Pre-Algebra yet. The maps are a camper's wet dream and the Map Pack, to me, is a waste of 1200 MSPs. I personally think WaW will give you a better time then Modern Warfare 2.
Modern Warfare 2 is like the IPhone, there's a hack for everything and every asshole and annoying kid has it.
by DIE MW2 May 11, 2010
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The follow-up game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

A highly addictive first person shooter that will most likely piss you off and make you feel like murdering your family while they are sleeping or piss you off enough to give you a stroke...
Modern Warfare 2 Scenario

guy1: Dude, these assholes in this game is pissing me off!

guy2: Lol, just calm down man.

guy1: Dude, I'm on the verge of killing my family.

guy2: haha, dont do that you fag.

guy1: Oh shit man my head just started hurting really bad!

guy2: you alright?

guy2: dude?

guy2: Yo faaaggot answer me!

guy2: You have a stroke or something? xD
by lolmw2 March 25, 2010
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The most effective contraceptive known to mankind.
Jill: Hey, wanna have sex?
Bill: Sure, lemme just play some Modern Warfare 2 first
*Plays for seven hours straight*
Jill: How about now?
Bill: Nah, pwning noobs makes me tired. I'm going to sleep.
by ipwnmadnoobs June 02, 2010
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