When a person says something over a screen but can't say it irl like a keyboard warrior
Eg :( You're doing a yolo on snap

Person chatting verbal: fham your butterz pattern
You: sym your just chatting bare verbal
by M💓. May 30, 2020
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To out-shit talk one. To talk as much shit that the other person just stops, and starts to cry.
Danny Verballed Pat so bad that Pat cried.
by Rheptar May 31, 2009
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Verbal -adjective
1. inordinately excessive in the use of verbs within one's speech or writing, denoting amazing actions or feats that one previously did or is able to do in the future, despite abundant proof to the contrary.
2. denoting a person who falsely, absurdly and ridiculously claims credit for a verb that they only said but never did.
* Dreading an eternity of listening to delusional bragging, guests at the dinner party refused to sit near the verbal Scientologist.
* Then, Al Gore went completely verbal and claimed to have invented the internet.
by HelluvaHoax! December 4, 2011
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A way of getting accused for wrong actions. But they do not always have to be wrong actions you can be given verbals without good reasoning .
John was given a verbal for congregation.

Rick was given a verbal for assumption of congregation.
by LSC BOYS September 1, 2018
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Expressive during sex;articulating one's pleasure,giving specific directions, etc.
One guy to another: "I think you'll have a good time with her 'cause you like'em verbal."
by Julian Macanema February 2, 2008
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swearing/cursing in a argument

swearing/cursing at someone in general
'you hear the man over there giving it the verbals to that woman'
by rooseyroose February 18, 2009
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