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A Hobbit-esqe guy who just happens to be a douche, or likes other dudes.
If you're gonna be a jerk, why don't you just go back to the Shire Bilbo Teabaggins!
by Headexpl0dy October 11, 2009

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To ask if someone wants to do something. To find out if someone is willing to help with a task. Matrix slang.
"So, about the plan, are you red or blue on this?"
by Headexpl0dy October 02, 2007

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When a mean person enters the room. Usually used for bitter old ladies, mother-in-laws, or the bitchy girlfriend.
"Damn, is that Dave's mother-in-law pulling up? CODE DIABLO!"
by Headexpl0dy October 01, 2007

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Where people go to gain sensitivity training for gay bashing
That Grey's Anatomy guy had to go to Gayhab for outing that other guy.
by Headexpl0dy April 30, 2007

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Something that tracks the mileage of a ho like an odometer tracks the mileage of a car. It's believed that a ho-dometer can roll over and a ho can revert back to wholesome.
One day Tila Tequila's ho-dometer's gonna roll over and she'll be doing Disney specials.
by Headexpl0dy August 05, 2008

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Penguin sex is achieved when a girl pulls a man's pants down to his ankles and is about to perform oral sex but instead takes his wallet making him waddle like a penguin after the thief.
Had penguin sex last night. I got a hooker to blow me in the alley last night but she just took my pants down, snagged my wallet and bolted. Waddled like 5 feet before busting my ass!
by Headexpl0dy February 17, 2014

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Using a Nintendo Wii nunchuck to cause bodily harm
ie: Sam was swingin' that Wii controller so fast, he let go and hit me in the face. I got ninchuck'd
by Headexpl0dy October 02, 2007

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