Being so fat that you have one chin under another.
Brysons double chin makes him look like a turkey. Gobble Gobble!
by Jared June 8, 2004
The act of laying down, looking down at some sort of device on your chest, and scrolling aimlessly through every social media network and letting the time as well as your youth pass on by. This causes not only a double chin but isolation amongst your friends and family.
"Hey what are you up to?"

"Not much, just double chinning."
by CRobare July 9, 2014
the act of lowering your chin in a way that makes you have a double chin
ooh, that girl is an expert in double chinning
by hhstar moonlight May 13, 2020
The roll of fat under a fat person's chin; it sort of looks like a second chin.
Did you see Jack's double chin? That fat fuck eats too much.
by chasemanjansen December 16, 2006
The best, humorous thing you could do to your face.
I was taking a picture someone and he made most hilarious looking double chin.
by Trashist January 12, 2017
Slang for two asian boys having a 3some with a hot white horny chick.

Generally, they fit both dicks into her mouth because they are so small.

The "Chins" also masturbate with tweezers.
My boyfriend and his younger brother were double chinning me...when my mom walked in.

Then she joined us.
by hot sex muffin that has sex. September 18, 2010