Collective gathering of nerds from UC Irvine's first-year Middle Earth dormitory. They are the "special honor kids."
Did you see those kids from The Shire walking past us Dennis? You could spot the nerdiness from like ten miles away.
by Leo Kang May 31, 2003
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The place where Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, along with many other hobbits, live. Most hobbits never leave the Shire, unlike Frodo and Bilbo, who both leave and travel and have grand adventures.
SAM: If I take one more step it'll be the farthest away from The Shire I've ever been.

FRODO: Come on, Sam.
by A Lord of The Rings Fan December 18, 2010
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Pharmaceutical company mainly known for their ADHD medication Adderall. The patent for it expires in 2009, so they are pushing Vyvanse to be their new flagship medication.

Also Frodo Baggins' home village.
Lets go to the shire and get some adderall.
by Mafets May 8, 2009
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sutherland shire. A hinterland in which normal aussies, pride of their culture, reside in the phantasmagorical surroundings. We are free of any predicaments other parts of NSW endure such as lebs and drity westies. We won't stand for gangs on our beaches bashing life guards, stealing peoples property and kicking sand at innocent families. we don't care how other districts describe us because we all know that there are only two types of poeple. Those who live in the shire and those who want to live in the shire. SUTHERLAND SHIRE RULES.
(non shire person)- those hobbits never leave the shire.
(shire resident)- one, we don't need to leave the shire. two, we don't care what you say. and three, i know your jealous of the shire
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Term that is generally by my one nighters and Hos to describe my bed room. This term has been copied from me because of its alluring ability on the women. A key example of this is that new Asian comedian on Comedy Central. But thats alright, cause there is no place like "The Shire".

Please note: Gnomes in your Shire is a preference.
Come on Bitch Lets go to the Shire, and break yo' ass.
by Mocco April 7, 2008
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When you attempt to crack a nang at kick ons but end up having a blow out. Often leading to an embarrassing and disappointing release of gas while getting roasted by the fellas.
Ah sorry bro, I just shired the last nang. My bad bro.

Brooooo you just shired all over me!

There is nothing worse than trying to woo a lady and then doing a loud shire in front of them.
by Houdini hears a Who October 23, 2019
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A shithole which consist of ugly bogans who surf on the daily and eat party pies and sausage rolls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These gronks have no sense of culture and are as dumb as dog shit.
Bogan 1: Oi Mate lets tear up the shire tonight with some shielas !
Bogan 2: Yeah mate how many durries you got ?
Bogan 1: As many as I can count (6 durries)
by Nick_7 June 1, 2018
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