Gay bashing; verb {gae-bahsheeng}
The act of calling out/flaming a homosexual individual for their sexual orientation.
The act of being violent with a homosexual individual, while spitting offensive slurs and phrases, for their sexual orientation.
gayboi69owo: Hi.
ooferganglover: Get the fuck out of the chat, faggot! We don't want to have sex with you, homosexual.
killerkeemeraf: Gross! Change your username, dipshit! We don't need to know you're a fucking faggot!
gayboi69owo: Please! Stop gay bashing!

Gay Guy: I don't want any trouble.
Straight Guy: ( punching him to the ground ) What's with the shirt? You a faggot?
Gay Guy: ( under breath ) Why the gay bashing?
Straight Guy: ( slamming him harder ) Huh, pussy boy?
by LGBT-Definitions December 23, 2018
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this is a violent act upon one who is gay for the reason of being gay. ussually performed by a group of heterosexual males who have an unadulterated hatred for gay men. this is also illeagle so be careful and watch out for the cops.
the rates of gay bashing in texas is on the decline because the gay population learned its better to stay in the closet.
by who dat January 23, 2005
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To beat a person with a 3 foot rubber dildo. This is usually due to the inability to find a larger rubber dildo to flog the deserving offender with. While the person being beaten does not necessarily have to be homosexual, this beating is usually reserved for flaming homosexuals who feel the need to share their homosexuality with everyone around them.
1.I wish I could have five minutes alone with that guy to deliver the worst gay bashing of his life.

2.Gay Bash Day will be a national holiday before W. is out of office.
by jr March 18, 2005
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The physical act of violently thrusting a bible at a person of the homosexual orientation in attempt to make them more gay. The person being Gay Bashed is usually a stranger to the person bashing them.
‘Bro I heard Erin went around Gay Bashing people yesterday’

‘I know man, she gay bashed me. It feels great
by Quetria December 10, 2018
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To lure a redneck homophobe into a fight. Typically two hetrosexual guys will hold hands with the idea of getting into a fight with a person who hates gays.
Hey dude you feel like walking down the street holding hands? When the first person that walks by and yells "hey faggot", we will kick thier ass. Man talk about reverse gay bashing.
by Paul Della Valle July 13, 2004
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When a gay basher goes gay bashing, but he gets beaten up by the gay and ass raped.
Tom: Some moron tried to gay bash me last night, but he got what he deserved.
Jerry: I'd say he won't be walking right for some time.
Tom: he got a revenge gay bash alright
by Eldonko January 04, 2012
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