A way of saying you're leaving. Usually used when you need to leave quickly, i.e. 'i'm out'
person 1: 'fool, she hella bolted out of 7th period.'
person 2: 'yee she be out on the 295 bus'
by vanwilkio September 24, 2009
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bro, she left me from the party last night. i was bolted
by sleepyhead October 7, 2018
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becoming bolted requires the heavy drinking of a vodka called blue lightning. blue lightning is the cheapest, and possibly blackest vodka considering the fact that its is only 7 dollars and is blue rasberry flavored (but in a thug kind of way)it of course is blue
Corey got so bolted he fell asleep in a bathtub and was beyond the point of comprehension.
Wow that bitch is so bolted she gave gavin head.
by blue lightning movement February 15, 2007
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when ur so mad or angry or pissed off that u have to hold urself down like a bolt
Man after i got laid off from work i was so bolted i went and shat allover my bosses desk.
by armenti February 22, 2010
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Someone who is really ugly, with connotations of looking like they haven't reached puberty yet or have really bad acne
Yo the itch is bolted
by D-Rock the Lone Renegade February 27, 2005
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adj phrase. Laudatory remark voiced when someone does anything of earth-shattering importance: usually used ironically.

Nice work finishing up those carrots. You are the bolt.

Are you being sarcastic?

No man. You are totally the bolt.
by gnostic1 August 5, 2012
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To extend one hand in the air at an angle with the index finger pointing in line, while the other is pulled back as if pulling a bow string back. The pose is that of the 100m world record holder Usain Bolt.
She thought he was attractive until he started Bolting. He's good looking - but he's NO Olympic medalist!
by ayemac August 20, 2012
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