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v. To give up to all opposition, usually in an argument.
My boss threatened to fire me so I caved to his demands.
by Limbo January 07, 2006
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1.To give in someone else's needs or accept defeat.
2.An area used by someone who is inactive or reclusive, possibly a basement or computer room.
3.A term used to describe one of the more prominent male expressions of stress, especially in relationships in which he tries to isolate himself from whatever, or whoever has stressed him. Popularized by the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." by John Gray.
1."Hes totally gonna cave when i give him my sad puppy face."
2."As soon as he got home he retreated into his cave and i haven't seen him since."
3."I said something i shouldn't have and now hes doing the whole "cave" thing.
by Turkey151 January 09, 2008
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1.A hiding place away from people who bag, bully or tease you.
2.A hiding place for emo's or goths to get away from the sunlight.
3 A hiding place for friends to hang out, chill and forget about their problems.
1. Cave? Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!
by OpermisticD June 14, 2009
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A tunnel that has and end
Bob: "Let's explore this tunnel."

Frank: "Oh no! a DEAD END!"

Bob: "I guess its a cave then."
by mathraptor July 08, 2009
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Word used by french canadians to define someone stupid. See mongole.
Gros criss de cave!
by Nihb June 06, 2005
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A verb which is female equivalent of a word like "boning," except more feminist as women do not contain the requisite body parts for boning or screwing another individual.

Can be used as a verb (i.e. caving, caved) or as a noun (cave)
I couldn't sleep because my roommate was caving some homeless drifter all night.

I really need to cave someone hard

Dude, she caved me pretty good last night, it was sweeeeet
by Fliana Gorpentino December 22, 2010
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