20 definition by Guillermo

To defecate an enormously long or wide piece of fecal matter; also "trophy" as the feces itself.
Sorry I was late. I was cutting a trophy and I had to use the plunger to break it up before it would flush. No more potato pie for me.
by Guillermo August 27, 2003

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Winged monkeys from the Wizard of Oz who swoop down, masturbate, marking their territory and then flying away.
I walked into my dorm room and nearly slipped in all the spooge. The goo monkeys must have landed last night.
by Guillermo August 29, 2003

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Implement at the end of a female's arm used to snare men.
Jesus, I can't believe she's had her meat hooks into every ginger man in the company!
by Guillermo January 22, 2004

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The single orafice of a chicken, or other bird, from which urine, feces, blood, etc. are excreted. Also a derogatory term for a woman who talks and talks and and talks and is self-centered narcissistic bitch.
After that 3 hour staff meeting, I've had enough of the clohica to last me a lifetime. She can't stand a moment that isn't filled with her shitty ideas and stupid opinons just flowing from the clohica hole in her old, wrinkled 909-er face.
by Guillermo August 28, 2003

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One who is without responsibility or accountability; nothing sticks to him; also one who is marked with perpetual good fortune.
Juan went to buy a sheet cake at Costco and found one in the parking lot. Who else does that happen to? He took it that party without a care in the world. He's such as teflon bobo.
by Guillermo August 28, 2003

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an amazing awesome girl with tons of looks and charm.
dom the phenom is practically perfect in every way
by guillermo December 02, 2004

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An old thing from the 1970's, still sporting that frizzy mop, who is red-faced, drunk, and usually in velour jogging suits; frequently found at stop and rob convenience stores, buying cigarettes and alcohol, singing old tunes and making eyes at the ladies.
I can't even buy a Slurpee without tripping over that Double Mac Davis. Why doesn't he move to Phoenix and just melt to the tan interior of his Cadillac El Dorado?
by Guillermo April 01, 2004

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