the murder or death of any given person at any given time
heard charlie is given you problems, do you want me to finish the job?
by James Riddle Hoffa January 6, 2014
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to finish the job is to actually cum inside the girl you're having sex w/, and not to use a condom or pull out
finish the job inside your girlfriend, she's on the pill
by I-5 October 4, 2006
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the job in question is ejaculating during sexual intercourse. the origin of the phrase also relates to breen, in particular his inability to finish the job on two non-consecutive occasions.

the first time was with a rank year ten slut who was probably so loose that no friction was created, and therefore no-one would've been able to finish any kind of job up in there. this also led josh to make 'breen' calls on the female in question, but i digress...

the other time was when he was receiving head from his 'so-called girlfriend' (that's a direct quote) and he was unable to come. his excuse - he'd been so excited at the prospect of getting head that he had to wank.

what a fucking animal.
breen is totally incapable of finishing the job.

of course you won't be able to finish the job if you mazz before getting head.
by not michael, that's for sure November 12, 2004
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