A byzantine display of hallways, stairs, rooms, and walls within 1950's noir films. On the first degree, a visual metaphor for the existential horror of modernism. Modernism as a labyrinth or maze representing the futility of man's self-created choices; a system in which all choices are ultimately identical; a false freedom; fatalism. The concept that human-created systems--modernism (industrialization)--cannot civilize man; and offer him unsustainable (inauthentic) progress. The concept that man cannot save himself. On the second degree, a metaphor for the idea that modernism is more indicative of man than man is of modernism; that man's authentic essence is that of a heart of darkness. Presaged the onset of postmodernism.
Interiorization is a deep visual metaphor that indicates man cannot willfully create unique existential choices, material progress is a false dichotomy from man's 'true' essence, modernism deludes human beings into the perception of false progress; the essence of man is a heart of darkness (Joseph P. Conrad); and modernism is more an indictment of man than man is a representative of the progress of modernism.
by sandrashine June 11, 2017
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Idea that an infinite number of supranominals have an infinite number of connections between them.

Assumes a combination of draw-distances in which any two supranominals are connected in a thermal draw distance.
Interiority posits that a countably infinite number of supranominals have a (countably) infinite number of connections between any two of the supranominals.

This more broadly applies to the example of an infinite number of parts having a countably infinite number of therm-connections between any two parts.

Assumes the connection is thermal.

Replaces subjectivity in postmodernism and is a part of supranominalism which replaces deconstruction with injecture and nihilism with supersymmetry.
by flightfacilities January 24, 2021
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Someone who killed 16 Czechoslovakians and who's house looks like shit.
Statement: you're not gonna believe this, the guy killed 16 czechoslovakians he was an interior decorator.

Response: his house looked like shit.
by imadegenerate June 11, 2021
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A profession that everyone thinks they know something about, when in reality, is very technical and requires extensive knowledge of history, fashion, architecture, building codes, art, and the basic principles and elements of design.

Practiced by an "interior designer," or "designer," for short.
I went to college for four years to study interior design.
by speakingthetruth June 13, 2008
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A device that is placed of one's vehicle that when plugged into an electrical socket with a plug heats up the interior of the car like a small space heater. Used in any part of the world where the temperature drops below freezing.

The interior heater can have a timer and be set to come on or keep the car warm even at extremely cold temperatures. It is usually seen as an electrical cord sticking out from under the hood of a car in Canada or the states that border Canada.
It was really cold last night, but my car was toasty warm because I had the interior heater on.
by monkey40 July 26, 2009
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To insert a Cornish new potato into the anus of a willing participant
Tom stu and John were discussing why their good friend James kept insisting on going to the bathroom. But when they noticed the Cornish new potatoes had vanished from the kitchen they realised James had been giving himself a peppermill interior this whole time.
by Curdlepoos July 5, 2019
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