To make eye contact in a way that suggests feelings of sexual attraction and asks the question, "we gon get it on tonight?"
Sally spent the whole evening making eyes at Stephen, so it was no surprise when they went home together
by Demi and Ashton April 12, 2008
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Making Eye Candy is when you stare at someone male/female, long enough that you start to play sexual fantasies of them in your head. If they're only moderately attractive they can become drop dead gorgeous if you look at them enough.
by Kinesis February 11, 2012
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when someone doesn't make good eye contact
He always make short eyes with me, something must be up
by justinjustout February 12, 2020
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to have the worst shit ever, usually after a nite of hard core debauchery. Making ur ass cry.
I just know this shit is going to make my brown eye blue.
by BIGSTRAP July 29, 2006
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Having a wank which leads to sperm coming from the japseye(making your third eye cry)
" God you seem stressed have you been making your third eye cry lately?"
by stevie da beast October 16, 2006
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the bruising of the sphinkter as a result of getting fucked up the ass
Oh, Suzy, I know how you feel! Don't it make you brown eye blue when your honey fucks ya up the booty?
by none of your fucking business November 18, 2003
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