To steal.
The term "cop" means to obtain, and undercover implies secrecy.
To undercover cop something means to take it without anyone knowing: to steal.
I might have to undercover cop that when Akbar isn't looking..
by Greg B. September 12, 2005
wot cops say wen one of there fellow cops is killed, is used in the song deep cover
Cop : theres bin a 1-8-7 on the motorway

chief: damn this is all we need where a man down
by Wilson 1-8-7 in it May 9, 2005
"cus its 1-8-7 on the undercover cop" refers to the California Penal code section 187, the section relating to murder.
DA: cus its 1-8-7 on the undercover cop, he's up for the death penalty.
by a10033e December 12, 2006