1. Really really extremely intoxicated
2. To be intoxicated to the point were all you can say is "I'm sauced"
Friend: "Hey Trevor are you ok?"
Trevor: "I..I..I'm sauced"
by CWang June 10, 2013
when you see a porn meme and ask for the origin
by Quebec6969 November 7, 2019
Sounds like the word source. Used when a person wants to know the source of the media, usually revolving around anime, manga etc.
What's the sauce?

It's boku no pico.
by League ruined my life October 4, 2021
Sauce is used to describe someone who has a style, confidence and attraction about them. Usually someone who is well-dressed, fashionable, and has an aura about them. swagger style
"OMG Becky, look how fly that dude is. He's got sauce."

"He's drippin sauce"
by dcb2386 July 13, 2015
To lay it on thick so to speak with words of admiration. To have strong feelings towards another. To crave someone or have lustful thoughts about them.
by LadyDanika December 18, 2015
Sauce is stuff that you put on food like burgers. Barbecue sauce and French dressing sauce both go well with burgers.

Sauce is also slang for ejaculatory or cum. It's used in cartoon porn sites to ask the artist to draw the same picture with "sauce" on it.
This burger is delicious! Good thing I added French dressing to the burger and fries. And ketchup sauce.

Dude: This porn picture of Judy Neutron is hot! Sauce?

Artist: Here's a picture with sauce.

Dude: Thanks.
by HawaiianPunch1 July 20, 2021
A slang word meaning source. Mainly in the comment section of a manga, Youtube, nh*ntai, etc.
69Ilovecoom: *posts 177013*
Somerandomdudeontheinternetgoingtogetanxiety: Sauce? Sauce?
by Le Bruh December 27, 2021