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some random shit you'd find on the bottom of your shoe or on the bottom of a desk at school.
by Rental December 12, 2006
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(n)Any unidentified and undesirable substance, often crusted onto something you'd otherwise like to wear or sit on. Often found on second (or third or fourth) hand couches or thrift store finds.

(v)When someone screws something up, often in a half-assed manner.
Hey, man, I like your new jean-jacket, but what's that gunk on the sleeve?

When I passed out on my friend's couch after the party, I woke up to find my drool had coagulated with some gunk on the cushion.

Todd was supposed to mail the rent, but he gunked it, now we have a late fee. Way, to go, TODD!

by AnnaBananna July 17, 2006
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a mix of liquids and solids, much like you find on car engines and there abouts
Pass me the screw driver so I can poke out this gunk
by BorisMcHack October 28, 2004
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A guy funk. Used to describe a guy acting like a freak or a funk.
That gunk dumped me.
He's a total gunk.
That gunk is hitting on me.
by righz February 13, 2008
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gunk is a contrived word made by dick wad US teenagers who have never seen or heard goth music in their entire "sad misunderstood" lives.
Goth IS short for Gothic Punk, always was, way back in the late 70's early 80's, here in the land of all your better musical tastes, the UK.

Go listen to Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy or Siouxsie & the Banshees or even The Damned. GOTHS!

"Oo! I am Gunk" that you may be, but you aint a goth!
by BrettS December 17, 2005
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