acronym for "Play Your Position", or less commonly "Play Your Part".

Both mean "check yourself", or "act right".
You'on know me...PYP, kid.
by Greg B. January 1, 2006
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Post Your Pics.
Used commonly to refer to "Post your pics" or "Post your pic" threads in forums.
He usually hangs around the PYP at the Gaia forums.
by Chiquito June 16, 2007
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Acronym for "Pick Your Price"
Person 1: How much would this DP cost?
Person 2: It's pyp.
Person 1: Pyp?
Person 2: Ya. Pick your price. You could literally send me just 50 cents if ya want
by noxem August 28, 2017
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acronym for "post your pictures", commonly used on internet forums
to all the cuties in this thread, PYP please!
by Lala92 June 19, 2007
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P.Y.P., Protect Your Penis.
Dude that girl has herpes better PYP.

Didn't you realise he was going to kick you in the nuts?
Better PYP next time.
by IRChemHappy May 17, 2006
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can be used in any context
“i don’t like your shirt”
“okay poop your pants then”
see you later
by susssyyyy May 20, 2022
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